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We pride ourselves on approaching everything we do from a unique perspective, and the media has taken notice. From cases of corporate greed to protecting athletes suffering from traumatic brain injuries to showcasing liability in drunk driving cases and beyond.

Please take a look at some of the segments where we have been asked for a quote, interview or a sound bite.



Paralyzed construction worker awarded record $36 million in workplace safety settlement

“What happened to Ricardo was an absolute tragedy, not only because of the devastating effect that it’s had on him and his family, but because the accident was entirely and easily avoidable,” said Tavares’ lawyer, Glenn Faegenburg.

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The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown Secure Record-Setting Settlement of $36 Million for Construction Worker Who Suffered

“The overhead wire was obsolete and should have been removed as part of the routine preparation process of the work site. There are safety checklists at these worksites. They call for checking for hazards and obstructions before the work gets started. These rules and practices of rendering a worksite safe at the outset are rudimentary and compliance is mandated to prevent the type of construction accident that robbed Mr. Tavares of so much of his life.”

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The Edelsteins, Faegenburg, and Brown Announce New York Appellate Division, First Department Gives Transperfect’s CEO, Phil

Glenn Faegenburg of The Edelsteins, Faegenburg, and Brown stated “We look forward to fully briefing this matter and getting our day in court to address the false claims against Mr. Shawe. It is our view they were part of a coordinated, but thankfully unsuccessful, attempt by Elting’s law firms to interfere with Shawe’s ability to finance his bid for TransPerfect. The bid was financed, and the company is now performing better than ever with anticipated revenues in excess of $750 million this year.” Faegenburg continued, “When attorneys knowingly concoct fake claims, and substantial time, money and effort is expended to defeat them, there should be consequences.”

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Mago’s Law: The Fight to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries in Boxing

“I know you can’t prevent a guy taking a massive punch and dying in the ring,” Edelstein said. “But you can prevent what happened to Mago. The fact that it has not yet happened yet is just outrageous. Somebody else is going to get hurt. Do you want to spend a little money now or do you want to deal with a guy like me later? Twenty-two million dollars and then some.”

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Mago’s Law: The Fight to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries in Boxing

“Edelstein clarifies that Mago’s Law “does not mandate that a fighter get a CT following every fight.” “Let’s keep it very simple,” he stated. “Any boxer with a confirmed head trauma cannot leave the arena unless and until he is given repeat neurological examinations, the last one being not less than one hour following the conclusion of the match or he is sent directly to the ER. One or the other. As an aside, I think any boxer would gladly trade the radiation exposure of a CT scan or even multiple ones to the alternative: severe brain damage.”

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Williamson’s scare could pose product-liability case for Nike: report

“”This would be a classic product-liability case if Mr. Williamson suffered any serious injury and was inclined to bring one,” Paul Edelstein, a lawyer at Edelstein Faegenburg & Brown, told Bloomberg. Edelstein said Williamson has a good case if there’s proof of misuse after the shoe left the factory — a scenario he likened to “a laborer climbing a ladder that suddenly collapsed under his weight.”

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Shoe blowout may be ‘classic’ liability case

“Unless there’s proof that the shoe was misused or damaged after it left the factory, Williamson has a good case, he said. The situation isn’t “any different than a laborer climbing a ladder that suddenly collapsed under his weight,” Edelstein said.”

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Broken Nike Basketball Shoe Could Be Product Liability Case

“Legally, though, there still could be fallout. Although Duke officials reported that Williamson suffered only a mild knee sprain, that doesn’t necessarily get Nike off the hook, Edelstein said.

Unless there’s proof that the shoe was misused or damaged after it left the factory, Williamson has a good case, he said. The situation isn’t “any different than a laborer climbing a ladder that suddenly collapsed under his weight,” Edelstein said.”

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Nike Basketball Shoe Blowout May Be a ‘Classic’ Liability Case

“Duke University star freshman Zion Williamson — the consensus No. 1 pick in this year’s National Basketball Association draft — sprained his knee when his Nike sneaker fell apart. He tumbled to the court less than 35 seconds into the loss to in-state rival North Carolina.

The incident suggests that Nike could be liable, said Paul Edelstein, a lawyer at Edelsteins Faegenburg & Brown in New York. He represents athletes in brain injury and other sports-related litigation.”

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Head trauma in combat sports and Trump disinvites the Eagles

Bobby & Kristian talk with New York lawyer Paul Edelstein about legislation he wants to get passed involving protections for fighters who suffer head trauma.

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Lawsuit against ring doctor in Magomed Abdusalamov bout dismissed

Paul Edelstein, the lawyer for Abdusalamov and his family, who received a record-setting $22 million personal injury settlement from the state last year, told ESPN’s Outside the Lines they plan to appeal Silber’s decision. Unlike Varlotta, ring doctors Anthony Curreri and Osric King — who are also being sued by the Abdusalamovs — did not seek summary judgment, and according to court documents, they plan to join the ex-boxer’s effort to reinstate Varlotta as their co-defendant.

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Notre Dame Player’s Brain Injury May Be ‘Latent,’ Ohio Judges Rule

The estate of a former Notre Dame football player may proceed with negligence claims that his degenerative brain condition counts as a latent disease not subject to Ohio’s usual time bar, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Oct. 31.


“The court didn’t explicitly rule CTE is a latent disease, but they also didn’t go the other way and say it wasn’t,” plaintiffs’ lawyer Paul Edelstein, of The Edelsteins Faegenburg & Brown in New York, told Bloomberg Law.



Relatives of toddler beaten to death file lawsuit against city

Relatives of a toddler who was beaten to death in 2016 have filed a lawsuit against the city that claims the Administration for Children’s Services is partly to blame.

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I-Team: Controversial Bankruptcy Leaves New York, New Jersey on Hook for Private Insurance Claims

“I don’t think there was ever any intent to acquire these companies, rehabilitate them and get them functioning. I think the intent was to acquire them [and] keep the good, [and] get rid of the bad,” said Paul Edelstein, an attorney for one of the accident victims with an insurance claim against Tower. “If this turns out to be completely legal, it’s absolutely unethical and immoral.”

Edelstein represents Eita Pruss, a car accident victim who was run over in 2014 by a vehicle that was insured by Tower and several other insurance companies. In August 2016, Pruss agreed to a $9 million settlement whereby Tower would pay $5 million. Though the settlement appeared final, with a state Supreme Court judge having signed off, AmTrust declined to honor the payment because of Tower’s insolvency.

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Click Debate: Lawyer looking to change combat sports regulations regarding traumatic brain injury

Paul Edelstein helped boxer Magomed Abdusalamov and his family get a $22 million settlement from the state of New York last year in a case that involved athletic commission negligence. Abdusalamov was left with brain damage after a 2013 boxing match at Madison Square Garden.

Now, Edelstein is focused on a broader goal: getting states and commissions to adopt new regulations for potential brain injures. Edelstein, a New York lawyer, wants to call it “Mago’s Law.”

His plan is simple enough: a “lower bar” for fighters getting transported to the hospital after a fight in which they sustain a significant amount of damage to the head.

Edelstein said if the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) just put Abdusalamov in an ambulance right away rather than him having to take a cab to the emergency room later, it could have made all the difference for him. Abdusalamov ended up having a blood clot on his brain and had to be put in a medically induced coma.

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14 Secrets Lawyers Will Never Tell You

It’s imperative that both the lawyer and the client approach one another with complete honesty, attorney Paul Edelstein, tells Reader’s Digest. “Winning cases can be lost because of a client who lies or exaggerates just as easily as because of a lawyer who tells the client what the client wants to hear instead of what is true.” So when dealing with attorneys, don’t just look for honesty—be honest.

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Is the NHL doing enough to prevent concussions? Eric Lindros, others don’t think so?

“If at some point the safety concern supersedes the financial one, then they’ll do something about it,” said Paul Edelstein, a personal-injury attorney who won a $22 million lawsuit against the State of New York in 2017 for the negligent treatment of his boxer client, Magomed Abdusalamov, following a 2013 fight.

New York’s Mago’s Law now establishes a uniform and consistent benchmark for care for athletes in violent sports. “You can wait for a guy like me to come around,” said Edelstein. “Or you can head it off earlier at a fraction of the cost.”

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Kirk McEwen Podcast #206: CTE Expert Paul Edelstein

Lawyer Paul Edelstein took time out of his busy schedule in NYC to educate us on the finer points of CTE, plus Kirk and Al weigh in on the week that was, all on this latest KMP



Mark Reason: All Blacks must learn from ice hockey deaths

Ice hockey is already dealing with the lawyers. Paul Edelstein, a personal-injury attorney who won a $22 million lawsuit against the State of New York in 2017, said: “If at some point the safety concern supersedes the financial one, then they’ll do something about it.

“You can wait for a guy like me to come around. Or you can head it off earlier at a fraction of the cost. Thirty years ago there were commercials marketing smoking as good for you. Now you’d be outraged, right? This is simply a battle between financial interests and moral ones. Fifteen, 20 years from now, we’re going to ask, ‘How did we let this happen’?”

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“Bob Salter 4-15-18”

Attorney Paul Edelstein discussed the incidence of traumatic brain injury, chronic traumatic encephalopathy(CTE), the case of boxer Magomed Abdusalamov, and efforts to implement Mago’s Law as a way to raise awareness of the problem, execute reforms, and prevent future tragic injuries.

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23 Attorneys Share Their Best Advice For New Personal Injury Lawyers

Paul Edelstein – The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown

The best advice I have for a new lawyer wanting to pursue a career in the personal injury field would be to make sure you truly believe in what you are doing.

Truly believe what you are doing can make a difference in a person’s life, can make a difference in the way people do things, make a difference in the way society conducts business.

Because what we do at its’ essence is help people who can’t help themselves. Is fight for people who have no one to fight for them. Is fight for change in the way things are done to make them safer, make them better for everyone.

Too often the new lawyer pursuing a career in personal injury is motivated by money when the strongest personal injury lawyer is motivated by what’s right.

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Exclusive: Victim in DWI bus stop crash blames Liquor Authority for failing to investigate

A college student who was hit by an alleged drunk driver while waiting at a bus stop earlier this year is demanding that accountability for the crash extend to the bar that she says over-served the driver, and she blames the state Liquor Authority for failing to investigate.


Mesamed, through her attorney Paul Edelsetin, sent a complaint letter to the Liquor Authority pleading for them to investigate the bar’s role in the incident. Edelstein said the allegations suggests the bar violated the law not to serve intoxicated patrons.

“We know a drunk driver who was incredibly drunk and caused devastating injuries,” he said. “We also know he was in a bar for a significant period of time, and we know that a bartender who works at the bar that was apparently having a relationship with this man was in his car at the time that he nearly killed my client. Those things we know. That ought to be enough for a state agency to say, ‘We want to ask some questions.’ They haven’t.”

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Mad Dog Show | 4-10-18

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Tragic tot’s dad calls for city reform to prevent child abuse

No other child should die because of the city’s bureaucratic bungling, the dad of a Brooklyn toddler allegedly slain by his mother’s boyfriend says in a lawsuit.


The killing led to a scathing 2017 report by the city’s Department of Investigation, which said inadequate training for emergency ACS staffers during nights and weekends led to the error.

The dad, who did not have custody of Jaden, is seeking unspecified damages but more importantly, reform, his lawyer told The Post.

“How do we have assurances this will not happen again?” Said Aliyev’s lawyer, Paul Edelstein.

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Amid Concussion Focus, Leg Injuries Persist as NFL Player Scourge

“The NFL has done an admirable job implementing rules changes in an attempt to improve safety, but clearly more needs to be done and hopefully a devastating injury or lawsuit isn’t the only impetus towards doing so,” plaintiffs’ lawyer Paul Edelstein, of The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown LLP in New York, told Bloomberg Law

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Brain-Damaged Boxer Will Receive $22 Million in Settlement With State of New York

The State of New York has agreed to pay $22 million to a boxer who sustained severe brain damage during a heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden nearly four years ago, in a case that raised serious questions about the postfight care given to athletes who have just exchanged repeated blows to the head.

The settlement, awarded to the former boxer Magomed Abdusalamov and his family, was approved Friday by Judge Jeanette Rodriguez-Morick in New York City Civil Court. It was first reported by ESPN. A separate lawsuit filed against the three ringside physicians is pending in state Supreme Court.

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Fan hit by falling spectator at Hammerstein Ballroom concert sues over injuries

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Yosef Allen, 24, says he suffered “severe and permanent personal injuries” at a Justice show at the Hammerstein Ballroom when a fellow fan fell off the second balcony and landed on him on the ground.

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