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Protecting Boxers and MMA Athletes from Themselves

Feb 16, 2018

In this video, Paul Edelstein explains why there needs to be an impartial third party person making sure that athletes in combat sports receive proper care after any form of head trauma.

Devastating brain injuries have become all too commonplace in combat sports – particularly football, MMA and boxing. We love to watch and be entertained but what happens to the athletes when their moment in the ring or on the field is over? Who takes care to be sure that their health is monitored and that they received proper and appropriate treatment, particularly when it comes to their neurological well being?

Mago’s Law is named for boxer Magomed Abdusalamov, who in 2013 sustained severe brain damage after negligent care following a match at Madison Square Garden. While it is small consolation for what he and his family have endured, Mago did receive a 2017 settlement of $22 million from the State of New York. The attorney who represented Mago, Paul Edelstein, has been behind Mago’s Law, which establishes a uniform and consistent benchmark for care for athletes in violent sports.

Edelstein, one of New York State’s leading personal injury attorneys, has become a strong advocate for these athletes and is one of the most passionate voices working to implement Mago’s Law, raise awareness, execute reforms and help prevent future tragedies.

While we all love sports, our athletes cannot be gladiators for our enjoyment, disposable when we are done with them. Please take a moment to watch this video. It will provide further detail about Edelstein’s efforts and his perspectives on this very important issue. With CTE and related brain traumas in the news daily, now would be an ideal time to speak with Paul Edelstein about this issue, and the challenges that continue to lie ahead.



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