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A bone fracture is one of the most common injuries suffered by victims of car accidents and slip or trip and falls. Not only can a fracture take time to heal and cause you to lose time from work, but you may also incur substantial expenses for medical treatment. If you’ve sustained a fracture due to an accident or work injury caused by another’s negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

The personal injury lawyers at The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP provide skillful representation for accident victims who have incurred bone fractures. Offering personalized attention and aggressive advocacy, we regularly obtain verdicts and settlements in the millions for our clients.

Dependable Counsel for Accident Victims Who Have Suffered A Bone Fracture

Critically, fractures qualify under New York’s No-Fault law as a “serious injury,” allowing you to bring suit to recover compensation if you’ve sustained one due to a car accident. However, fractures can also occur as a result of slip or trip and falls. More common in children and older adults due to the strength of their bones, other incidents that can cause bone fractures include accidents at school, daycare centers, or playgrounds, and at nursing homes or senior care facilities.

A fracture occurs when force is exerted that is stronger than the bone. There are various types of bone fractures an accident victim may sustain, including:

  • Displaced fractures — The bone snaps, resulting in two or more parts becoming misaligned.
  • Non-Displaced fractures —The bone snaps but stays in proper alignment when a non-displaced fracture occurs.
  • Comminuted fractures — With this type of fracture, the bone snaps in many places, often referred to as a shatter.
  • Closed fractures — The bone does not puncture the skin with a closed fracture.
  • Open fractures — The bone protrudes through the skin with an open fracture.
  • Buckle fractures — An incomplete fracture, this type of injury usually occurs in children.
  • Greenstick fractures — Also frequently seen in children, this is an incomplete fracture in which the bone is bent.
  • Transverse fractures — A fracture at a right angle to the bone’s axis is referred to as a transverse fracture.
  • Oblique fractures — A fracture in which the break has a sloped or curved pattern is an oblique fracture.
  • Impacted fractures — Commonly seen in the arm, an impacted fracture is one in which the ends of the broken bone are driven into each other.

A bone fracture can be extremely painful, and it’s essential to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need to resolve the injury completely. Without proper testing and imaging, related injuries can appear later, including nerve, muscle, and ligament damage. Tragically, some broken bones can even be fatal or cause permanent paralysis if the neck or spinal column was affected.

The personal injury lawyers at The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP understand how debilitating a fracture can be for an accident victim and how heartbreaking it can be to see a family member go through this type of pain. Our experienced litigators are committed to taking the legal burden off your shoulders and fighting for the compensation you deserve so that your focus can remain on your health.

Focused on Obtaining the Best Possible Results

From the initial accident to filing an injury claim, there is a lot of red tape to go through. When you’ve suffered an injury as serious as a bone fracture due to the negligence of another, it’s crucial to have an attorney on your side who knows how to thoroughly investigate your case —and hold the responsible parties accountable.

The bone fracture lawyers at Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP can help ensure you receive the full amount of monetary recovery you are entitled for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. Striving to ensure that justice is carried out, we regularly secure high verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Some recent verdicts and settlements obtained for our clients who have suffered bone fractures include:

  • $9 million settlement for a pedestrian who incurred multiple bone fractures after being struck by a car at an intersection
  • $9 million settlement for a pedestrian who broke many bones after being hit by a drunk driver while on the sidewalk
  • $5,460,000 verdict for a worker at JFK Airport who sustained a pelvic fracture after being crushed by a forklift
  • $4.5 million to a worker who fractured his ankle when he fell from a ladder while making repairs at the Metropolitan Opera House

Although a financial settlement can never erase the pain and anguish you have suffered, it can help relieve the substantial financial burden you may have experienced due to your accident — and help to bring some closure. Our lawyers are dedicated to pursuing the maximum amount of compensation available to you under the law.

Contact an Experienced New York City Bone Fracture Attorney

If you have been in an accident that caused you to suffer a bone fracture, it’s vital to ensure you have the right attorney on your side to protect your rights. Located in Manhattan, The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP have represented New Yorkers who have sustained bone fractures in accidents for three generations. With a well-deserved reputation among our clients for delivering the best possible results, our goal is to obtain each client full and fair compensation and help make New York City a safer place to live, visit, or work. Contact to schedule a free consultation at (212) 425-1999 today.



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