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President of Metro North Railroad Stepping Down

Jan 15, 2014 | MTA Accidents, Personal Injury

Metro North is the second busiest commuter rail system in monthly ridership in the United States, after the Long Island Railroad. Accidents involving these rail lines can lead to horrific injuries and loss of life. Having an experienced New York MTA accident attorney fighting to protect your rights if you are injured is your best recourse in obtaining justice and full compensation.

After a year of tragedy for the Metro North Railroad, its president, Howard Permut, will retire at the end of January. Head of the rail line between Connecticut and New York City since 2008, Permut has cited the emotional toll of the tragedies for his departure. He will be replaced by Joseph Gulietti, executive director of the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority.

Metro North was plagued by a number of incidents in 2013. In May, a collision in Bridgeport, Connecticut, injured more than 70 people. Later that month, a track worker at the West Haven station was killed while on the job. In May, an east-bound train in Bridgeport derailed and struck a west-bound train; 75 people were injured. In July, a freight train derailment in The Bronx shut down the line for repairs and caused havoc for the commuters. Power on the New Haven line was out for 12 days in September when a feeder cable died. The final blow occurred on December 1 when a commuter train derailed in The Bronx, killing four and injuring more than 70. The driver reportedly had dozed off and the train was traveling at a high rate of speed. The crash sent cars flying off the rails and down the banks.

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and others called for investigations into the incidents that continued to plague the railroad. Reforms have been introduced, such as positioning two crew members at the front of train cars while upgrades are being made to the signal system. The governor of Connecticut, Dannel P. Malloy, wrote to Permut and other train officials in December asking for an action plan to cover safety issues on the line.

Commuters have also voiced concerns about rider safety on the line. Long-time commuter Jim Cameron praised Permut for many upgrades on the system, but also commented that as president, Permut “is ultimately responsible for what has gone so terribly wrong.”

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