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2nd Ave Subway Construction: Are you in Danger?

Sep 15, 2014 | Construction Accidents, Personal Injury

East side Manhattan residents have been waiting for the 2nd Avenue subway for generations. A recent report by the NY Post indicated that the desired subway may not have been worth the costs. OSHA released a report from November stating that there are potential health hazards to the 2nd Avenue subway construction site. Certainly, the possibility of serious accidents increases when major construction in a heavily populated area like the Upper East Side of Manhattan occurs. It is important to know that if you or a family member is injured due to negligence or hazardous conditions caused by falling objects, defective machinery, demolition using explosives or other causes , the experienced New York construction accident attorneys at Edelstein, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP. are available to help.

What are the safety hazards caused by the Second Avenue subway construction?

The MTA insists that residents who live in the area have nothing to fear. Levels of silica, the very small but quite dangerous toxin, which has been dredged up by the construction were found to be three times as high as what is permissible during such an undertaking.

Of course the workers are exposed to this toxin, but the MTA says that silica “does not float in the air but drops to the ground,” so residents above ground level have nothing to fear. Still as any experienced NY construction accident lawyer or doctor would advise, if you’re feeling that something is not right, you would be wise to get yourself checked out.

Residents have been complaining for months about the lowered air quality levels. This can be extremely dangerous to people that are asthmatic or have other breathing issues. Other problems related to Second Avenue subway construction besides smaller sidewalks (as much as 2 feet have been removed from sections of sidewalks running along the west side of the avenue) walkways that have been created in the middle of the avenue on some blocks, disrupted traffic and an increase in the rodent population are some other unpleasant side effects.

Also, the underground blasting can be dangerous, as proved by the explosion that “went wrong” last August on 72nd Street & Second Ave.  Miraculously, no one was injured by the volcano-like scare in a fenced-off construction site on the northwest corner of the intersection. This happened @ 12:45 tues. 8/21/2012 with many pedestrians exposed to potential injuries .Chunks of concrete and bedrock was spewed as high as 8 stories

However, there are equally hazardous conditions that create a scenario where injuries do occur. In March of 2013, a 51 year old construction worker was trapped in a mudslide at the bottom of a 100 foot tunnel. It took 150 firefighters & EMT workers 4 hours to free him and rescue him from the tunnel. The worker was stuck waist deep where frigid water mixed with mud created a vacuum like grip. He suffered injuries to his arms and legs and hypothermia. This was one example of the potentially serious or fatal injuries that can result in underground construction projects.

The New York construction accident lawyers at The Edelsteins, Faegenburg and Brown LLP have a record of success in obtaining justice and full and fair settlements and verdicts for victims of construction and workplace accidents.

In one case, The Edelsteins , Faegenburg and Brown LLP recovered $2,300,000 for a construction worker who fell from a unsafe ladder, fracturing his ankle that required surgery. In a pedestrian accident case , their client was hit by a negligently driven truck and suffered life changing groin and leg injuries, a fractured elbow and scarring. The New York pedestrian accident lawyers at The Edelsteins, Faegenburg and Brown, LLP won a $5,250,000 settlement for their seriously injured client. They are dedicated to fighting to protect the rights and recover financial compensation for those victimized by others negligence or hazardous conditions that were left uncorrected. A hole in the pavement at a construction site that is not securely covered can cause serious injuries to pedestrians and construction workers alike.

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