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I broke a bone at work, so I have a suit?

Oct 14, 2014 | Bone Fractures, Personal Injury

It’s common for a person to have up to two bone fractures in their lifetime. If a fracture is the result of an accident, negligence or work related injury it is important to have a New York bone fracture lawyer on your team. Not only will a patient have to heal but there will be repercussions both medically and financially. The Edelsteins, Faegenburg and Brown, LLP. are experienced New York personal injury lawyers with three generations of experience representing injured New Yorkers.

The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP. have recovered many millions of dollars in damages for negligence victims who have suffered broken bones and fractures. An example of a serious case they were successful in was a worker at J.F.K. airport who suffered pelvic fractures after being crushed by a fork lift. Their client was awarded $5,460,000 by a jury at trial.

Another case where they recovered $2,300,000 was a settlement they negotiated for a construction worker who fell from a unsecured ladder, fracturing an ankle that later required surgery.

Many accidents result in broken bones and fractures. The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP. recovered $1,725,000 for a client who suffered a  trip and fall due to a misleveled  elevator. This caused a fractured knee that later required surgery.

Causes of a Bone Fracture

A bone snaps because there was force exerted stronger than the bone. Fractures come in several forms such as:

  • Displaced: the bone snaps resulting in two or more parts becoming misaligned.
  •  Non-Displaced: the bone snaps but stays in proper alignment.
  • Committed: the bone snaps in many places, often referred to as a shatter.
  • Closed: the bone does not puncture the skin.
  • Open: the bone protrudes through the skin.

Fractures are more common in children and elderly adults due to the strength of the bones. Some of the causes for bone fractures include:

  • Car Accident
  •  Accident on the Playground
  •  Accident at Work
  • Sports Injury

A bone fracture is never simple and it is important to take care of the issue completely. Without the proper tests and imaging there can be further damage which show up later relating to nerves, muscles and ligament damage. There are four basic types of bone fractures. The main categories are displaced, non- displaced, open and closed. Displaced and non- displaced fractures refer to the way the bone breaks. As New York bone fracture lawyers we know it can be heartbreaking to see a family member go through any pain at all, especially from a broken or fractured leg, hip or arm. Some broken bones can be fatal or cause permanent paralysis like a broken neck or spinal column.

Complications Settled with the Help of a New York Bone Fracture Lawyer

From the initial accident to filing the claims there is a lot of red tape to go through. Let your New York bone fracture lawyer worry about the further complications medically and financially. You and your family can focus on the surgery, tests and physical therapy required while experienced bone fracture lawyers like The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP. can investigate your case and identify the responsible parties. If they find you were injured due to another persons, business, company or municipalities  negligence, they will file your claims and pursue justice in your case.

A New York bone fracture lawyer makes sure everything from medical bills to physical and mental pain and suffering is covered in the legal action. Everything, from lost income, present and future to the pain in your leg due to a bone fracture from an accident will be covered in your case.

The Right New York Bone Fracture Lawyer for You

The Edelsteins, Fagenburg & Brown ,LLP. are NYC Personal Injury  attorneys with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn  and are determined to fight for everything you and your family deserves .If you have suffered a bone fracture due to an accident caused by another parties negligence, call us today.

Our goal is to obtain justice and full and fair compensation for the injured and raise the level of safety for all residents, workers and visitors to New York.




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