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New York Auto Accident Attorneys Fight For Injured Parties

May 11, 2015 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

There is no denying that New York City is crowded and always moving at a fast pace. Each day, hundreds of thousands of people commute around the city in various ways including car, truck, bike, skateboard, or by foot. Often times though, accidents happen amongst differing methods of transportation in this populated city. These accidents cause personal injuries, minor to severe, and even death. Responsible parties must be held accountable. New York Auto Accident Attorneys fight for victims’ justices in these accidents and win what is owed to suffering parties.

The Fatal Consequences of Distracted Drivers

Auto accidents are incredibly common in New York City. Not a day goes by in which every pedestrian is kept safe, not even those who abide by the laws of the streets. A recent example of a 58 year old woman on a scooter was struck by the rear wheels of a distracted truck driver turning right at Sixth Avenue from Houston Street. The victim was dragged two blocks by this truck and died at the scene. The truck driver received a citation for careless driving.

Wrongful Death by Drivers Deserve a New York Auto Accident Attorney

The Law Firm of The Edelsteins Faegenburg & Brown LLP office offers a number of experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyers in different areas including:

  • New York Auto Accident Attorneys
  • New York Slip and Fall Lawyers
  • New York Landlord Negligence Attorneys
  • New York Construction Accident Attorneys

In a city as busy and densely populated as New York, Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced and dedicated to helping victims receive the settlements that they are owed. The Law Firm of Edelsteins Faegenburg & Brown LLP won a $2,000,000 settlement for the victim’s family in a similar case involving wrongful death by a distracted bus driver.

New York Auto Accident Attorneys Don’t Win By Accident

The Law firm of Edelsteins Faegenburg & Brown LLP appreciates the seriousness of wrongful death accidents and their New York Auto Accident Attorneys&Personal Injury Lawyers have obtained many multimillion dollar recoveries for the families of those who have lost family members due to the careless and distracted drivers in New York City.

If you or a member of your family has been in a personal injury car accident, take action right away. Visit the Contact page of The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown LLP when you need a New York auto accident lawyer!




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