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Can you sue a bar for a DWI accident?

Aug 30, 2013 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury


On August 16, 2013, nj.com reported that Dana S. Corrar and her family had their worst nightmare come true when the car Ms. Corrar was driving was struck head on by a stolen SUV, which had crossed over the divider on Route 18 in Middlesex County, New Jersey, causing bilateral fractures to her legs, ankles, ribs lungs and neck and resulting in multiple surgeries.

The vehicle that struck Ms. Corrar, a Hyundai Tuscon, was traveling in the wrong direction when it struck the Corrar vehicle. The vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot of Martell’s Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant Beach by a woman who had been drinking at the bar, got into the wrong vehicle and was driving the wrong way and swerving to avoid the oncoming traffic while she was driving in the wrong direction when the head on collision occurred.

Paul Edelstein, Esq. of the law firm of The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown LLP, announced on August 26, 2013 that the law firm put Martell’s Tiki Bar on notice that they intend to pursue a claim against them.  Mr. Edelstein was quoted as saying that “We think there’s a responsibility on the part of the business, both in serving this girl and for allowing her to leave in somebody else’s car.”

The responsibility talked about by Mr. Edelstein refers to statutes (Dram Shop Act) or case law which makes a business which sells alcoholic drinks to a person who is obviously intoxicated or close to it, strictly liable to anyone injured by the drunken patron or guest.

This theory of liability (the liquor served was the specific cause of the accident) is often difficult to prove because there is always an intervening cause, namely the drunk driver.

Fortunately for Ms. Corrar, this case is being handled by the law firm of The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, one of the nation’s top personal injury law firms and experts on Dram Shop Liability.  The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown LLC have the passion, determination, resources and expertise to see that Ms. Corrar and her family are properly compensated for the devastating injuries suffered at the hands of the drunk driver.

If you or your family is injured as a result of the actions of a drunk driver, make sure the first call you make is to the law firm of The Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown LLC to ensure that your rights are protected.  Contact us on line by filing out the on line form or call us at 212 425-1999 or 718 875-3550.




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