New York Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents are terrifying and potentially deadly.
Whether at high speeds on the interstate or being rolled over on or crushed on the side roads, large trucks pose a threat to those on the road simply due to their size. Often these accidents result in serious personal injury and serious damage to the other vehicle involved. If you or your family has been affected by a truck accident you need to have an experienced New York truck accident lawyer on your side.
Our Family Helping Your Family
The team of New York truck accident lawyers, at The Edelsteins, Fagenburg & Brown knows how devastating the effects of a truck accident in the New York metro area can be. We have seen a myriad of clients affected in different accidents including:
  • Truck Driver Negligence Due to Tired or Inexperienced Drivers
  • Truck Driver Negligence Due to Failure to Follow Traffic Rules
  • Truck Accidents Due to Unsafe Highways and Streets
  • Accidents Involving New York City Transit Vehicles and Garbage Trucks
  • Injuries From a Pedestrian or Cyclist Being Caught in a Blind Spot

The results of a truck accident are much more complicated than a fender bender between two motorists. Often there is a corporation standing behind the driver. In tough instances the City or the State is standing behind the driver. Just because you are an individual and not a company does not mean you do not deserve the best representation by the best New York truck accident lawyer.

A New York Truck Accident Lawyer You Can Count On
We do not simply fight to get your medical bills covered. Our top New York truck accident lawyers will work to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries, physical and emotional pain and suffering and lost income. We know that once the scars have healed there is still therapy, emotional distress and financial strain to overcome.In extreme cases where a family member’s life is lost due to a negligent truck driver or roadway defect the Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP work to win compensation for the victims family. While no amount of money can ever begin to compensate for the loss of a loved one, it may bring some level of comfort or closure. It also serves as a warning to others that this type of negligent conduct will not be tolerated…As top New York truck accident lawyers we do not settle a case for anything less than the maximum amount the injuries merit. If the settlement offer is not sufficient, we take the case to trial and have an impressive list of verdicts to show for our efforts.

An example is a $5,250,000 settlement the Edelsteins, Faegenburg & Brown, LLP recovered for a Staten Island man hit by a negligently driven truck. The victim suffered life changing groin and leg injuries, scarring and a fractured elbow.

Another example of their skilled and tenacious trial abilities was a $1,500,000 jury verdict they won for a man who suffered serious injuries when his car was hit by a negligently driven tractor trailer.

Pedestrians are often the victims of truck accidents, too. The Edelsteins Faegenburg and Brown, LLP obtained a $1.2 million dollar settlement for a woman who was dragged by a Department of Sanitation truck, causing serious leg injuries and scarring, requiring surgery.

Never think that just because you are an individual and a company has insurance company lawyers to defend them that you cannot obtain justice.The fact is that New York Truck Accident Lawyers are only paid if they collect damages for you. There is never a fee for our consultation; we are paid based on the net amount we recover for you. Whether you or a family member was seriously injured due to a negligently driven tractor trailer, we are your New York truck accident lawyers. We are here to make things right while you take care of getting well.

For your truck accident case call us today at (212) 425-1999.We are a family practice with three generations of experience serving our community and fighting to raise the level of safety for all the families and individuals that live, work or visit New York.

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