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Are Google Glasses Really Safe For Use While Driving?

Apr 22, 2014 | Auto Accidents, Personal Injury

Have you ever heard of Google Glasses? They are the newest wearable computer device created by the tech gurus at Google. This device provides online information via the use of special glasses that function like a hands free smartphone. Though this product has limited availability it could soon be worn by people throughout the world. As a result, lawmakers have already become concerned about what could happen if someone uses the Google Glasses while driving.

More specifically there are real concerns arising over who would be liable for car accidents that occur when a driver wearing Google Glasses is operating an automobile. Our team here at The Edelsteins, Faegenburg, & Brown are carefully watching this unique tech issue in order to determine what effects this issue will have on New York auto accident and personal injury law.

The Concerns about Google Glasses and Drivers

Imagine how scary it would be if a driver on the road was simultaneously driving and watching Youtube videos. This could easily occur if a driver was using Google Glasses while driving. The device allows you to search the internet, play games and check email, all activities that would present significant distractions for any driver. Those are the sort of concerns that are motivating legislatures to create laws that ban the use of Google Glasses and similar devices while users are operating automobiles and other heavy machinery.

In fact, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Illinois, Delaware and Missouri have all presented possible Google Glasses driving bans. Furthermore, this issue is slowly making its way into the court systems. In one case, a woman who received a traffic ticket for driving her car while wearing Google Glasses had the matter dismissed after it was shown that no proof existed that she was actually operating the device while she was driving.

The Proposed Bill by Marcos Crespo

New York Assemblyman, Marcos Crespo has submitted a bill to the New York state legislature that goes further than just banning Google Glasses use while driving. In fact this bill will allow car accident victims to directly sue Google, the company who created Google Glasses, for injuries suffered when another driver causes an accident while wearing the device. Crespo stated that such a law is necessary because he believes that the profits Google will earn from Google Glasses should be used to offset the inevitable misuse that will arise out of the product’s distribution. Google has argued that there should be no ban of the glasses while driving because they are actually intended to provide driver’s with assistance in terms of navigation information and other helpful tools. Google has also argued that Google Glasses is actually less of a distraction than smartphones because Google Glasses is technically a hands-free device.

Contact Trusted New York Personal Injury Attorneys

It will be interesting to see whether Marcos Crespo’s bill will be passed. Regardless, the debate about Google Glasses and whether users should be legally allowed to wear them while driving, presents fascinating personal injury and accident law related issues.

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